Tier Schedule Guide

1. How do I participate?

For eligibility in the projects launching on Emerald Pad, you firstly need to hold an NFT from one of our partnered Oasis NFT providers. You can find our partners on our Partners section of our website.

2. How do the tiers work?

Emerald Pad has 5 investor tiers:

  1. Emerald Tier — 20 x allocation boost
  2. Sapphire Tier — 10 x allocation boost
  3. Ruby Tier — 5 x allocation boost
  4. Opal Tier — Standard allocation (no boost)
  5. Topaz Tier — 0.5 x standard allocation
  • Emerald Tiers will have the ability to bid up to the maximum of $2,000 for that project
  • Topaz Tiers will have a maximum bid of $50

4. What happens on launch day?

Emerald Pad will share the upcoming project to investors usually 3 days before launch day.

For a complete step-by-step on what to do on launch day, please see our Complete Launchpad Guide!



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Emerald Pad

Emerald Pad

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