Tier Schedule Guide

Emerald Pad
3 min readMar 6, 2022


A detailed guide on Emerald Pad’s Tier Rules

1. How do I participate?

For eligibility in the projects launching on Emerald Pad, you firstly need to hold an NFT from one of our partnered Oasis NFT providers. You can find our partners on our Partners section of our website.

IMPORTANT — NFT holders will have guaranteed access (no lottery, no convoluted whitelist process, etc). However the sale format of the launchpad is FCFS (First Come First Served). This means you need to be quick to bid if there is a lot of interest in the project / or we only get a small allocation size. (Certain special rare NFTs or various competition winners may have early access)

Emerald Pad will always try to get the best allocation size and be as fair as possible to investors. For instance, rotating for different timezones to ensure it’s not at 3am for some investors for every deal!

2. How do the tiers work?

Emerald Pad has 5 investor tiers:

  1. Emerald Tier — 20 x allocation boost
  2. Sapphire Tier — 10 x allocation boost
  3. Ruby Tier — 5 x allocation boost
  4. Opal Tier — Standard allocation (no boost)
  5. Topaz Tier — 0.5 x standard allocation

For example:

If the Standard Allocation = $100:

  • Emerald Tiers will have the ability to bid up to the maximum of $2,000 for that project
  • Topaz Tiers will have a maximum bid of $50

3. How are NFTs ranked?

Ranking will be broken up into two sets of rules, Parent NFT Tier and Individual NFT Ranking.

A) Parent NFT Tier: agreement between Emerald Pad and the NFT Partner

This is the total number of individual wallet holders Emerald Pad will allow each NFT Partner to have in the 5 tiers. This is based on a number of factors when comparing different NFT partners: for instance, current floor price, total number of NFTs minted, last comparable traded activity, etc.

For example:

For NFT Partner 1, based on the above factors, we may set these rules as:

Tier 1 — Maximum of 50 wallet holders

Tier 2 — Top 20% ranking/rarity

Tier 3 — Top 40% ranking/rarity

Tier 4 — Top 60% ranking/rarity

Tier 5 — Remainder (ie 60–100% ranked NFT holders)

The Parent NFT Tier schedule will be shared to NFT partners well in advance before a launch of the project.

B) Individual NFT Ranking: ranking set by the NFT Provider

A common question so far is around “how my NFT is ranked” and “what tier is my NFT”?

This will be governed directly by the NFT Partner and it could be based on factors such as rarity, special traits, special holdings, etc.

Emerald Pad will invite certain traits into their higher tiers at any time (for example, with Oasis Apes investors that have collected all ‘5 letters’).

Your individual NFT ranking will be communicated to you directly by the NFT Partner, please keep an eye on their socials.

4. What happens on launch day?

Emerald Pad will share the upcoming project to investors usually 3 days before launch day.

We research and conduct our due diligence on EVERY project but investors need to always remember to DYOR and only commit/contribute if they like the project. Being allocated a tier does NOT mean you’re obligated to participate — we aim for 2–3 quality projects a month and we aim provide investors with a varying range of different blockchain categories to provide diversity options.

For a complete step-by-step on what to do on launch day, please see our Complete Launchpad Guide!