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3 min readMar 6, 2022


A complete step-by-step guide on what happens on Launch Day

Format of Sale (FCFS)

Emerald Pad employs a FCFS (First come, first served) basis for contributions into our project pools.

The specific launch date and time will be shared in our socials and this is usually provided 2 to 3 days prior to launch. We aim to provide the most time to allow investors to DYOR and determine if they want to participate in the deal.

During this period, the NFT Partners will also confirm the investor Tier Schedule (please read our article Tier Schedule Guide for specific details) to communicate how the NFT will be ranked.

When and how do I receive my purchased tokens?

Your tokens will be airdropped directly into your wallet when the tokens are vested/unlocked. This will correspond to the wallet you have used to contribute (you can check via the dashboard any time).

Emerald Pad will receive the purchased tokens in bulk from the project and we aim to distribute this to all investors as soon as practicable — timezone permitting. It is not uncommon for projects to distribute in multiple batches over a few hours, so please be mindful.

Private and Seed round tokens usually unlock a percentage on TGE (Token Generation Event) and then on a linear basis (eg monthly).

Complete Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click into the Open Pool on our Homepage, this will direct you to the contribution manager we’ve partnered with ( is a trusted third-party funding manager and provides full off-chain validation. Emerald Pad also incorporates additional 2FA, cold-wallet functionality for the lifetime of project pools so it is impossible for contributions to be hacked or lost.

2. Here you will see the project details and once you click ‘Connect Wallet’, you will see your specific tier allocated to your wallet. Confirm via your Metamask or other web wallet.

3. This page can show you the current progress of the pool. Click ‘Contribute’ to go to next step.

4. Select the appropriate Coin you want to use and type in the amount $XX to contribute. Once confirmed, proceed with transaction.

(Note — Checkbox 1 refers to the email confirmation screen which appears after the Metamask transaction is confirmed, ie step 6)

5. Confirm the transaction via web wallet

6. To receive an email confirmation, please include your email in the below section. (Note — Emerald Pad appreciates investor anonymity where we enforce a strict privacy-policy and will not review or use any email data)

7. Congratulations, your bid is successful! Remember app is a complete dashboard and you can log in anytime to review ALL projects you have participated in.

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