Our Roadmap 2022 / 23

  1. Secure Major partnership (Complete)
  2. Build a website that will allow immediate NFT utility across EVM chains (Complete)
  3. Secure main backers and strategic VC/IDO partners (Complete / more to come)
  4. Confirm additional partnerships to support Oasis NFTs (to be announced)
  5. Launch minimum 2 projects before Q2 (in progress)
  6. Our co-founder to be appointed as an Oasis Ambassador (application in progress)
  7. Update UI (ongoing)
  1. A top-tier, special invitation only Crown of Emerald group to be created where invited investors will have:
  • early access to deals
  • guaranteed access for deals
  • access to special Seed Round offers that we may only get a small allocation
  • open communication line with CEO and core Emerald team to discuss upcoming offers being negotiated
  • this will be an exclusive collab and distribution with our Major NFT partners
  1. Emerald Pad to provide Advisory Services and become a fully fledged, end-to-end incubator for new projects exclusively on Oasis Protocol.
  • support with networking
  • funding
  • strategic support
  • advice on tokenomics, vesting, IDO and go to market strategies



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Emerald Pad

Emerald Pad

First Oasis Launchpad powered by NFTs