Our Roadmap 2022 / 23

Emerald Pad
2 min readMar 4, 2022


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


  1. Secure Major partnership (Complete)
  2. Build a website that will allow immediate NFT utility across EVM chains (Complete)
  3. Secure main backers and strategic VC/IDO partners (Complete / more to come)
  4. Confirm additional partnerships to support Oasis NFTs (to be announced)
  5. Launch minimum 2 projects before Q2 (in progress)
  6. Our co-founder to be appointed as an Oasis Ambassador (application in progress)
  7. Update UI (ongoing)

Q2 & 3

  1. A top-tier, special invitation only Crown of Emerald group to be created where invited investors will have:
  • early access to deals
  • guaranteed access for deals
  • access to special Seed Round offers that we may only get a small allocation
  • open communication line with CEO and core Emerald team to discuss upcoming offers being negotiated

2. Create an extremely limited release of ‘Emerald Edition’ NFTs that will allow special perks (eg whitelist for Crown of Emerald invitation)

  • this will be an exclusive collab and distribution with our Major NFT partners

3. Build native platform on website to allow for launchpad functions (contributions, checking history, claiming page)

4. Audit on new platform

Q4 and onwards

  1. Emerald Pad to provide Advisory Services and become a fully fledged, end-to-end incubator for new projects exclusively on Oasis Protocol.

Providing advisory services including:

  • support with networking
  • funding
  • strategic support
  • advice on tokenomics, vesting, IDO and go to market strategies

2. EVM Transition Advisory, to facilitate projects from EVM-compatible chains to integrate and launch into Oasis Network

3. Long term goal is to become ambassadors of new projects launching on Oasis to build a strong and sustainable ecosystem for everyone involved

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